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    Miessence is a line of organic personal care products that is manufactured and distributed by the Organic and Natural Enterprise Group (ONEgroup). Based in Australia, the ONEgroup offers a range of Miessence products that include skin care formulas, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements. The company also provides customers with the opportunity to sell Miessence through a home-based business.

    The Miessence line is Certified Organic and consists of products that do not contain synthetic ingredients or chemicals. These products are environmentally friendly and healthy for the human body. The extensive line of Miessence products features safe and natural organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera leaf juice, apple cider vinegar, Shea fruit butter, and cinnamon leaf essential oil.

    The Miessence Skin Care products include cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliants, masks, and skin conditioners. The Cosmetic products include foundation, lip creme, blush powder, and concealers. Miessence also offers a range of Mother and Baby products such as powders, lotions, and gentle foaming washes. In addition to all of these Certified Organic Miessence formulas, customers can also purchase products such as shampoos and conditioners from the Hair Care line, probiotics and antioxidants from the Health Care line, and toothpastes, soaps, and mouthwashes from the Body/Oral Care line.

    Those who wish to become Independent Representatives of ONEgroup can earn an income through promoting and selling Miessence products. Independent Representatives must first register with ONEgroup for a fee of AU$88. ONEgroup offers several options for representatives who want to earn bonuses by referring others to the company--they can commit to a fixed or variable monthly order of Miessence products, or place a Fast Start order that accelerates the bonus-earning process. A Miessence home business can be promoted through various marketing strategies including word of mouth, home presentations, and professional websites. Independent Representatives of ONEgroup are also able to take part in business training sessions.

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